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CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography or Cone Beam CT – a type of Computed Tomography (CT) scan.

A CT or Computed tomography scan is an advanced imaging method utilizing x-rays, which helps doctors to study internal organs / structures of the body without the superimposition of various structures seen on routine x-ray films. It involves imaging the body in fine sections.

The Imaging technology is different - in regular CT scans numerous rotations have to be made to obtain the image, whereas in CBCT all the required data is obtained in a single rotation.

X-Ray Radiation exposure to the patient is up 10 times less than a regular (medical) CT scanner.

CBCT is much faster. A CBCT Scan at our centre takes between 10-40 seconds, while on a regular (medical) CT scanner it takes atleast a few minutes.

Cheaper, average price of a CBCT scan could be up to 50% less than a regular CT scan.

When you arrive, our staff will collect the referral note provided by your doctor. The technician will enter your details into the software and tell you about the details of the scan procedure.

You will then be seated comfortably for the scan within the open machine, your position adjusted and secured. To avoid any movement, your head will be held in place by a plastic chin cup and a Velcro band in the front. This helps in avoiding repeat scans & undue radiation exposure. Once you give the go-ahead the scan will be performed.

During the scan, a semicircular arm makes one complete 360° rotation around your head. This arm contains the X-ray source and detector. While the arm is rotating, it is capturing multiple images of your head from different angles. These images are then reconstructed by the computer to create a 3D image of your internal anatomy.

Once the scan is complete, it will be checked for any movements or other problems. If the scan is correct, then it takes approximately 45 minutes to process the scan, transfer it to a CD, generate and print images. You may wait to collect the CD and prints, or come after the stipulated time to collect them. The scan images, once generated, are then sent by email to your doctor.

It allows your doctor to:

Visualize internal anatomy that cannot be assessed externally on plain clinical examination at the dental clinic

Analyze the position and orientation of critical structures like nerves, teeth roots, the sinus and nose

Assess risk

Plan treatment and surgery

Prepare necessary surgical guides / aids

CBCT is absolutely painless and the entire procedure takes only a few minutes, whereas the actual scan itself takes less than a minute.

No . Apart from the points mentioned in preparation for the scan, there are no other special instructions to be followed .